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What’s this website about?

This is my personal website and SEO playground to publish articles or test out tactics, tools, or theories and then translate the learnings into impactful client work.

Here you’ll find no affiliate links, monetized content, or AI-generated content. But you will find genuine opinions, personal experiences, and maybe hidden gems. 😉

This site has information about me, including my professional biography, how I think about SEO, and my philosophy as an SEO strategist and consultant.

I also have plenty of cool resources available, including my blog with SEO articles, case studies, and weekly news recaps called Hamsterdam. To get them delivered to your inbox each Sunday, sign up for my newsletter.

I’m currently available for hire as an SEO consultant. I also offer free audits, advice, or resources to charitable organizations or artistic causes. Feel free to scroll through the menu to learn more.

You can get in touch with me with a DM on X, by email at ethan.lazuk@gmail.com, or by text/call to 813-557-9745.



Want to work together?

I’m currently available for SEO and content audits or strategy consulting, including for ecommerce, B2B, and other brands. I also offer training and strategic advisement for individuals, agencies, or businesses. The best way to learn how I can help you with SEO is to contact me for a chat.

Volunteer SEO help available

If you’re a nonprofit organization or an artist or musician, I’ll help you out for free. No strings attached; it’s just a way for me to support causes I believe in, as well as get the benefit of SEO experience (which to me is invaluable).



What’s been published lately or in progress?

I like to experiment by publishing early drafts of pages, monitoring their performance in search, and then returning to them for updates. Here is some of what’s been completed or is in progress as of December 2023.

1) Hamsterdam Part 34 is live!

Here’s the latest Hamsterdam weekly SEO news recap from 11/27 to 12/3. Want Hamsterdam articles delivered to your inbox every Sunday? Sign up for the newsletter using the form below. (No personal information is collected or used. It’s just a way to share the joys of SEO.)

2) How I think about SEO article published

In this recent article, I put all of my contributions to collaborative articles on LinkedIn into a collection, showcasing how I think about SEO. I’ll likely break this up in the future and create some different content assets from it. 

3) Microsoft Clarity (SEO anthropology) article updated

This was an article I started in 2021, then kind of forgot about, until I realized the search intent had changed (thanks in part to a John Mueller joke). Check it out if you’re curious what “SEO anthropology” might refer to.

4) Opinion article about 11x content

In light of the impact of the September 2023 Helpful Content Update (and more recently the full rollout of the hidden gems ranking improvement), and partly inspired by a TOOL song, I came up with this opinion article about taking 10x content to the next level. It’s a work in progress, but as of this week, it’s ranking top 5 for [10x content seo] among some bigger sites. Pretty cool!

5) ChatGPT uses for SEO

I’ve been pitched some AI tools and ChatGPT uses that would have spammed the internet, in my opinion. So currently I’m working on a retrospective article to show how I’ve used ChatGPT and Claude for SEO tasks in real life for client work or on my personal website.

6) People-first content instructions

Creating a fun guide on how to avoid search engine-first content with helpful, reliable, people-first-content for SEO — this guide also has a video summary.


About this site

This is my passion website and SEO playground. All words and ideas are my own. 🙂

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I’m available on X @EthanLazuk, or email ethan.lazuk@gmail.com.

But wait, there’s more

My wife Dania and I created a side-project called Taste of Vegan. Feel free to check it out!